You might think that a well designed cover with a 3D Book mockup will get people excited to download your lead magnet PDF… But you’re wrong, having an enticing title will get them to download the PDF without thinking twice about it.

Two factors play the part when it comes to presenting a good lead magnet : The title and the design. Below are some tips on how you can choose an effective title :




TIP #1: Make your lead magnet’s title engaging.

A good title needs to motivate people to take action and mention the desired end result. Here is an example:

  • How to give presentations… Even if you hate to speak in public

This title demonstrates that this lead magnet will help you do something that you want to change about yourself. The first part of the title addresses the problem, and the second part addresses the concern.

More examples :

  • How to _________ That Drives _______
  • How_________ Can Inspire Your _________
  •  How to get rid of ______________
  • How to completely change ____________
  • What to do with _________
  • How you can ________ Even if __________
  • How I _________ Even if I ___________


TIP #2: Meet the expectations.

The title has to be more expressive, Your lead magnet is seen on the side of a blog post, or pops up while browsing a page, therefore it has to describe what the inside of your PDF is about. DO NOT write an eye-opening title that everyone will want to download but has absolutely nothing to do with the content. The expectations must be met by the reader, or else you’ll be waisting their time, they’ll have a bad experience, and they will not only look at your blog or your brand in a different way, but they might even stop coming back.


TIP #3: Make it short and interesting.

The shorter your title is, the more people will actually want to give the lead magnet a try. Imaging you’re scrolling, and a lead magnet pops up, if it has a long title, you’ll probably just close the window and keep scrolling. But if the title is short you’ll hold on a few seconds, read it and if you find it interesting you’ll definitely give it a try.

A short title will be easier to design and implemented into a cover page while leaving space for other design elements to describe your content.

Remember this : You get their attention with good design, and their engagment with a good title.

A few more fill in the blanks titles :

  • Resources to help you become __________
  • Questions you should ask before __________
  • What no one tells you about __________
  • Essential steps to __________
  • Examples of __________ to inspire you
  • Habits of __________
  • Rules of __________