Lead MagnetsDiscover the 6 Must Haves for a Rockin’ Lead Magnet PDF

Discover the 6 Must Haves for a Rockin’ Lead Magnet PDF

Out with the old. In with the new. This is the way the world works now.

For the same reason, you wouldn’t want to be offering rehashed content to your customers in exchange for being a part of your email list. It simply won’t work!

Your visitor will pause, close out your website and go to the next website with the same niche. They’ll be offered the same lead magnet, but if the web owner plays it right then they’ll get new, engaging content.

And this is exactly the sort of thing you’ll want to avoid!

So, what makes a lead magnet great? What are the sort of elements that make it convert a lot of successful leads?

Take a look at how you can create your own killer lead magnet:

1. It Should Be Centered Around Your Business

Before you start thinking about what your lead magnet should look like, you’ll have to think about your lead magnet’s role once your visitors opt in to it.

What will your visitor do after subscribing to your email list?

Maybe you’d want them to try out a paid product or a service, read engaging, relevant content or get a free ebook. The transition from consuming the lead magnet to what you offer at the end should be clean, seamless and it should be what your customers truly need!


2. It Should Contain Actionable Elements

Offering free discount codes, a guide or an ebook? Don’t forget to include what you want them to do at the end. It should be clear enough so that they know exactly the action they should take.

Don’t leave them hanging in the end, wondering “Okay. Now what?”. Your lead magnet should be better than that!


3. It Should Provide Excellent UX

Overall user experience is such an important ingredient nowadays. Your visitors might skip out on your lead magnet just because the content is too dense or too hard to consume.

Make it easy for your audience. Break up paragraphs into one or two lines. Include bullet points. Don’t use over-complicated words. Break up content with attractive pictures.

In short, make it an enjoyable experience. Don’t forget to organize your text so people can skip paragraphs and read ones that jump right at them!


4. It Should Be Specific

Lead magnets that cater to a broad audience are dead.

You’ll need to be more creative than that. Your target will be a unique group that cares about a certain topic. Put in the top level topic right at the headline.

For example- How To Use Viral Posts To Double Your Email List.

People who are beginners at building their email list will have a clear idea that this lead magnet will help them grow their subscribers.


5. It Should Focus On The Problem

Your visitors are viewing your content because they have a problem. It could be one or several.

How will your lead magnet help? It should answer at least one of their most pressing concerns.

Do your research, or go ahead and directly ask your visitors! Create a quick survey, then send it out via social media platforms or email to gather information. If you need more, go to online spots where your audience hangs out- forums, online community pages, social media, etc.


6. It Should Be Concise

No one has the time to read a 200-page ebook, no matter how well-written or informative it is. Keep it concise and you’ll have a greater chance of your visitor checking out your offer.

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