Lead Magnets5 Steps to Follow Before Creating Your First Lead Magnet in 2018

5 Steps to Follow Before Creating Your First Lead Magnet in 2018

Coming up with a great lead magnet is something you shouldn’t take for granted. After all, it’s one of the most important elements that make up a successful lead generation strategy, and it really adds to your overall Customer Value Optimization.

What’s a lead magnet, you ask? And why is it so important that we had to dedicate a whole section for it? Well, we’re glad you asked.

If you’ve ever worked on your inbound marketing strategies then chances are you may have already used or downloaded a lead magnet.

Lead magnets make your life as an internet marketer easy.

Carefully crafted lead magnets draw in your audiences’ attention like a real magnet. What’s more, they will get real, actual value out of it. Providing a valuable offer that’s free piques your audience’s interest, successfully establishes a relationship and opens them up to your paid offers.

Poorly made, boring lead magnets, on the other hand, have the complete opposite effect. You wouldn’t want this to happen, would you?


Why is a Lead Magnet so Important?

CVOs, or Customer Value Optimization is right at the heart of successful marketing. Lead magnets stand on top of the CVO funnel system. Without it, your audience won’t go further down the funnel and see your paid offers. More importantly, a good lead magnet generates excellent returns in the whole CVO department.

Your best bet is to put a lead magnet on your landing page. To start the marketing engine you direct targeted traffic to the landing page. Keep in mind that the more traffic you’re able to generate and the more focused it is, the greater your chances of acquiring quality leads.

The lead then enters the CVO sales funnel via the lead magnet. All you need to do now is to send a trip wire in hopes of converting the acquired leads into loyal, paying customers.

We’ll show you how you can achieve success. Here’s how you can create an irresistible lead magnet.

You’ll know a bad lead magnet from a good one the moment you start reading it. There’s a palpable lack of effort in getting to know the audience. Moreover, there’s no sense of direction, there’s really no target and the whole presentation just feels lackluster.

If this is you, then stop, take a deep breath and focus. First off, your lead magnet has to have a solid purpose. Before you write the first sentence you’ll need to know specifically who you’ll be serving the lead to. Which brings us to the point…


STEP 1: Choose your audience.

The common mindset of marketers is “the more people you get, the better”, right?

Wrong. The thing is, lead magnets work infinitely better the more focused your buyer persona is. If any, the lead magnet you’ll be making should be ultra-specific to the people you’re catering to. The idea behind this strategy is that your audience will find your lead to be so relevant according to their current needs that they absolutely must download it.

While it’s true that large companies have multiple buyer personas, the secret to lead success lies in creating a customized magnet for each audience. Don’t worry too much if you’re having trouble deciding which audience to start with. Just pick one who you think is valuable and write one up for them. Work on the next lead magnet and you’ll eventually have lead magnets for all of them.


STEP 2: Think about your added value.

You have your exclusive buyer’s persona. What’s next? You’ll need to give them a reason why they should be interested in your lead magnet and download your offered content.

Think about this step carefully because the number of leads you’ll get will be tied directly to how you present your value proposition to the audience.

So you should answer this question- what does your buyer persona really need? Instead of coming up with new content you’d think they’d want, dig up and do your research on what they need, then give it to them on a silver platter. Bigger or more isn’t always the best. Your audience may not be looking for a 30-day course or a 20-chapter eBook. In fact, the shorter and more attention-grabbing, the better. You’ll be looking to deliver the content they need as quickly as possible.


STEP 3: Choose a captivating name.

This is probably the easiest out of all the steps. Your lead magnet headline should be catchy and appeal to your particular target audience. The naming style should be similar to that of a blog post or a marketing email. Most importantly, it should be eye-catching, trendy and totally unique.


STEP 4: Think about what kind of topic you’ll offer.

No matter the type, you should always keep it simple and easy to understand. No one likes to read dense content filled with jargon and walls of text. Here’s a rule of thumb that has always worked- as short as possible while keeping the value completely intact.

Are you gifted with words? Then an eBook will work well. If you’re well-versed with technology, you can do videos or webinars.

Oh, and one more thing. You’ll want to maximize rapid consumption, which means solving your buyer persona’s need as fast as possible. They’ll get what they want and move down the CVO funnel in a quicker pace. You can choose from the following formats below:

  1. Discounts/ Coupon Codes
  2. Video Training
  3. A Quiz/ Survey
  4. Free Trials
  5. Sales Materials
  6. Assessments/ Tests
  7. Cheat Sheet
  8. Guides/ Reports
  9. Resource Lists/ Toolkits

You won’t ever go wrong if you start creating the content you’re most comfortable in.


STEP 5: Prioritize design if you want to win.

One of the best working lead magnets is a downloadable PDF, whether it’s a cheat sheet, a guide, a report, or a resource list, your PDF should have appealing graphics, with a cover page, a 3D Book Mockup and well designed interior pages. These are also tools for differentiating one set of products from another.

Now that you have all the necessary elements, it’s finally time to start crafting your lead magnet.

Keep in mind who you’re writing the lead magnet for and the value you’re giving them. Before long, you’ll have the killer lead magnet that brings in a ton of quality leads and a higher conversion rate!

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